Mullins Mechanical & Welding, LLC is happy to provide a safe drug free workplace and environment for our employees, contractors and customers. It is our practice to abide by all OSHA policies as well as the jobsite policies of contractors and owners. Mullins Mechanical & Welding, LLC is a member of ISNET, BROWZ, PICS and ABC and enjoys partnering with participating companies. Since the inception of the company, Mullins Mechanical & Welding has focused on an Incident and Injury Free workplace, where any accident is too many and our goal each year is ZERO! This, combined with a sound EMR well below the national average, is a highlight to our safety record.


Our employees are involved in quarterly mandatory safety training sessions to assure everyone is up to date with all safety training needs. Majority of all Superintendents / Foremen has received OSHA 30 training and safety training courses are provided to all other employees upon orientation. The ultimate goal of Mullins Mechanical & Welding is to assure the safe return home each day of the employee to their families and loved ones. We truly care for the well-being of our family. Mullins Mechanical & Welding employs the most competently skilled employees in the Industry. These same employees value the safety of their co-workers as well as themselves. These commitments to safety continue to add value to any project we undertake.